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What benefits can training bring to your oil and gas company?

Skills and technical knowledge form the basis of exceptional performance in any industry. And, in the oil and gas sector, there is the additional necessity for ensuring health and safety standards are understood and adhered to. Training is not only essential for improving performance and raising standards across your workforce but also with respect to individual development that can benefit the entire business.

Training plays a big role in employee engagement

Employees who are engaged deliver more value to a business across the board and an effective training programme has a lot to contribute to engagement. Feeling valued is one of the fundamental elements of employee engagement, as well as being given opportunities to develop and grow – both in terms of career and also on a personal level. When a company dedicates time and resources to training programmes for employees it’s a clear sign that the business values its staff. From this, the business can generate staff loyalty, commitment, an increase in productivity and a tangibly positive effect on the bottom line.

Management training is worth its weight in gold

The switch to a management position brings a whole new set of responsibilities for any employee. It’s often a promotion but it can also be a stressful time during which people management and strategic skills can be severely tested. Management training programmes provide the opportunity to introduce staff to the tools that are necessary to effectively manage. This not only helps to ensure that managers feel comfortable in their position and valued in the role but also enables them to hit the ground running. Rather than acquiring skills, such as running meetings or dealing with conflict situations, as a result of mistakes made on the job, managers are already equipped with the insights to make positive and effective choices. This can contribute to overall business efficiency, as well as a more proactive and constructive business culture.

Nurturing the next generation of talent

The talent drain is an issue across many industries, including the oil and gas sector. Older, more experienced and more seasoned individuals progress through the business to retirement, often leaving a significant gap behind in their place. There are two key ways in which an investment in training can help to close the talent gap. The first is that training programmes attract candidates – Millennials in particular are very focused on development and proactively look for businesses that have an obvious commitment to supporting employees through training. The second way in which training can benefit the next generation of talent is to nurture employees internally. Those who are trained within the business are much more likely to remain – and to be effective in terms of driving the company onward and helping to set and achieve objectives and goals that are aligned with the values and vision that the company has.

These are just some of the benefits for an oil and gas company in investing in training for employees. If you’d like to find out more about how your business could use this, get in touch with Euro Petroleum Consultants today on 020 7357 8394 .