September 2023

Istanbul, Turkey

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Globally the energy industry is facing a trilemma of energy needing to be secure, affordable, and low carbon. Rocked by volatility in price, policy and supply, more than ever the downstream industry plays a crucial role in providing, in a responsible way the world the energy it needs.

While there is no shying away from the transition, today’s market volatility reinforces that the traditional hydrocarbon downstream industry is here to stay with the space and demand in the market especially for integrated refineries to continue producing liquid fossil fuels. Furthermore, demand growth for chemicals presents an opportunity to offset decreasing gasoline demand, highlighting the value and criticality of integration and flexibility to the survival of today’s refiners.

Against this backdrop IDW 2023 will:

  • Prepare the industry for tomorrow through market outlooks, future fuel predictions and transition preparation
  • Provide practical solutions to boost production flexibility, profitability and optimise the operational potential of existing production assets
  • Present the latest technologies to adapt operations and assets and remain resilient in this time of volatility and transition
  • Provide solutions to maximise integration, conversion, and petrochemical production growth opportunities
  • Explore the latest digital tools and technologies shaping future smart refining and petrochemicals production

We look forward to releasing more details of IDW 2023 soon. To stay updated please register your interest.

Highlights from Dubrovnik

A big thank you to all our speakers, sponsors and attendees who joined us this September in Dubrovnik and helping make the return to IDW in-person a success.

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