25–26 January 2023



Middle East Bottom of the Barrel and Catalyst Technology Conference 25–26 January 2023

Welcome to BBTC MENA 2023

EPC is delighted to announce the 9th edition of our Bottom of the Barrel Technology conference for the Middle East region – BBTC MENA 2023 – coming this January 2023.

Historically, upgrading the bottom of the barrel has been central to helping producers achieve high levels of productivity, competitiveness, resilience & profitability.

Today we are faced with demanding challenges and promising opportunities – none more so than the energy transition, looking to decarbonise the downstream sector and secure a more sustainable future.

So what will be the role for Residue Upgrading & Conversion Technologies?

Despite these changes, the fact remains, that refiners will need to continue upgrading heavier lower value components, and increasing conversion to curb low-value fuel oil production. With the shift toward petrochemicals and chemicals, there will be new opportunities and new diverse revenue streams.

The key objectives remain: increasing conversion, improving & diversifying products, further integration with petrochemicals, reducing emissions and increasing margins.

Catalysts will play a central role in reaching these objectives. Innovations & improvements will help to diversify, increase profitability, maximise production, increase integration & develop new revenue streams. Making the right selection in terms of catalyst management, waste management, and different recovery & regeneration techniques is highly important when it comes to deciding on the best operational strategy for the coming years.

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Key Discussion Topics

The BoB Premier Technical Downstream event in the Middle East will once again connect the refining community to address, exchange and identify solutions to the pressing questions and challenges being faced by the Global & Regional downstream sector:

MARKETS: Game Changers & Disruptors

  • Impact of Energy Transition & Decarbonisation Agenda
  • Geopolitical Instability
  • Residue Upgrading’s Role in this New Landscape?


  • Petrochemical Blocks
  • Base Oils & Lubricants
  • Specialty Products – Road Bitumen
  • Transportation Fuels – how will things play out?


  • Low Carbon & Emission Reduction Solutions - Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Reducing Emissions from Refinery Process Heat Sources
  • Achieving Lower Refinery Carbon Intensity and Eliminating SOX & NOX


  • Technology Routes & Collaborations
  • Opportunities for Retrofitting Existing Assets
  • Feedstock Flexibility & Co-Processing Bio, Plastics, Waste, etc.
  • Use of Blue & Green H2 for Heavy Streams Hydrotreating & Hydroprocessing
  • Hydrocracking for Naphtha - Shift to Chemicals
  • Specialised Instrumentation & HE Equipment, Efficient BOB Equipment, Clean-out Techniques


  • Catalysts Handling, Innovations & Circularity
  • Latest in Hydroprocessing Catalysts, RFCC Catalysts, HS-FCC Catalysts
  • Identifying Potential New Revenue Streams: Circular Economy of Spent Catalysts

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